Drawing of my youngest daughter sleeping..

This was a belly cast I did of my wife when she was pregnant with my first son Rain. 

Belly cast for my second son Sky.  It shows the different skies throughout the day. 

Some Doors inspired work.  To the right is a charcoal drawing of Jim Morrison, and to the left is a Photoshop image of the band with me in there as well.  I am the middle left face. 

A jack-o-lantern I carved in honor of the Miami Dolphins. 

Another pumpkin I carved.  It was our family at the time. Me, my wife, husky Nellie, dachshund Bernie, 4 birds Fancy Pants, Saul, Kermi, & Apple, and our fish Daniel. 

Some animals from the sea!  Colored pencils. 

Octopus & Sea Turtle detail 

 Sharpie Morel piece

Some quick chalk I did in my sister's studio.

Me showing my mad "Paint" skills....haha 

A table I made in my furniture design class. It is made of purple heart and ash. 

A still life.  I can do the realistic stuff but do not prefer it. 

Pencil Drawing of Hollywood Hulk Hogan & Dennis Rodman. 

Some crosses that I drew for a couple friends. 

A mural I did at the school I work at. 

 A pair of custom jeans I decorated for a friend.

A series of NA (Narcotics Anonymous) drawings I did for a fundraiser of theirs. 

 A piece I did for a friend.  She wanted it for her husband, and it says "Peter" in the trunk of the tree, "Xzavier" in the branch, and "King" in the sky. 

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