More about Ryan: I have always been passionate about art, for as long as I can remember! In grade school, the first thing I would notice about my worksheets was whether or not they had a blank back, so I could flip them over and draw. I drew all sorts of things, but my favorite subject was sharks. I stuck pretty much with only drawing throughout grade school until I was able to expand my horizons in middle and high school. In both, I took every single art class that the school offered.  I attended Herron School of Art & Design for 3 years, and have never stopped creating.

I have 9 wonderful children with my beautiful wife Liz.  We have 5 sons, Dean, Rain, Frank, Joe, & Sky.  Keeping them in check are 4 daughters, Mercades, Dorothy, Violet and Hazel.  I work full time at Spring Mill Elementary, I am a volunteer with the Boy Scouts.

I incorporate art daily, whenever I can, and I decided to start this website in order to get the opportunity to do more. I have experience in all forms of art, and though I prefer painting, ambigrams and tattoo design has become popular. I like to work with acrylic paint because I work at a rapid pace. I have a style of my own that I hope you appreciate.  Feel free to browse the site and works, give some feedback, and email me with a potential project.    

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