In 2015 I had the great opportunity to paint a mural at the Indiana School for the Blind & Visually Impaired.  Their mascot is "The Rockets", so the Principal wanted a space themed mural.  It was to go down the entire elementary building's hallway.  I came up with the idea to have outer space peaking through cracks in the wall, with all of the planets out in the hallway.  I was very excited to do all the planets, especially Jupiter, which I knew had to be larger than life (and bigger than all the students that walk past it daily).  Please enjoy the below galleries (the first one is the final product, and the one below is the process of making the mural.  

If you would like a mural done for your home or place of business, please contact me via email at 

The gallery below is the mural during the process of making it.  Enjoy!

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