A wedding gift for a best friend.  They wanted a female and male lion laying together.  They wanted all cool colors, but right when they said that I knew that I was going to make the mane all different colors.  I didn't tell them of my plan because I knew it would look great, and they loved it!  SOLD


This was a project that I have always wanted to do.  I wanted to do a 2 part piece that would go together, but also stand alone as seperate paintings as well.  You could hang these right next to each other, far apart, or totally seperate.  I always thought it would be cool hung in a corner.  SOLD

"The Angels"

A piece I did that features angelfish in a variety of colors, and gold accents.  SOLD

"Acid Rain"

A piece that is both acrylic and watercolor.  Love the drips from the clouds.  $200


I love naming paintings, and this is one of my favorite names.  "Gotcha" is what this colorful chameleon must have been thinking as he snatched his lunch out of mid-air.  Watercolor and acrylic on canvas.  $200

"Split Personality"

A piece that was a drip painting, with elements of color added with colored pencil.  $25


4 paintings that I did for my son Rain's nursery.  The color scheme and dinosaur theme matches his crib.  Hopefully one day Rain will appreciate the gift I did for him. Obviously Not for Sale.


Just a fun painting that I did with tons of different color.  I did this in the midst of my "abstract expressionist" movement, meaning I was just painting based on feelings.  That day I was real happy!  SOLD


Fun piece I did with a unique perspective of laying in the grass looking at the clouds. SOLD

"Shape Shifter"

When the background becomes one with the foreground, you become a shape-shifter.  SOLD

"Two Butterflies"

Yet another piece where I combined mediums.  This piece has an acrylic background, latex house paint, and watercolor.  SOLD


When I was a kid I would draw the crusifiction scene on my little doodle pad.  I don't know it just really interested me.  one day I was at my parents and I painted it.  This was right after it and it was still on the wall hence the rough edges. SOLD

"These Colors Don't Run"

A patriotic piece I did for a friend as a Christmas gift for his grandfather. SOLD


A piece to represent the beauty that are the leaves of an Indiana Autumn. SOLD


A painting I did that I actually cut up.  The pieces were turned into thank you cards.  SOLD

 A birthday gift I did for my best friend.  Love the "pollock" clouds. Not for Sale

A piece I did for my sister, for her friend Chelsea.  It of course says her name, but Haley said she wanted music, Harry Potter, and flowers in it.  SOLD

"Family Tree"

Family Tree painting with "David", "Angelo", "Tracy", "Brogan", and "James" hidden in the branches. SOLD

"His Hands"

A painting of the hands of Jesus. SOLD


A piece I did for a lady's daughter...Her favorite tv show obviously is Yo Gabba Gabba!  Custom painted with acrylic. SOLD


I love to paint clouds!  SOLD


Clouds are awesome!  I always add a silver lining on all of them. SOLD


More clouds.... $20

These two cross pieces were done during a sermon I was preaching.  It was on first impressions, and how there is more than what is on the surface.  I started by painting the background, and talking about abstract expressionism, which is where the artist paints non-recognizable pieces and wants the viewer to see what they want to see.  Then I painted the cross, and a white mass at the bottom that represented a cloud.  Then I  talked about how one small detail changes what you thought before.  Next I added the nails and blood, and reminded people that the best thing to do is not judge right away.  SOLD


This is a piece that I did for my brother Todd for his parents.  It is very blury because of the low quality photo. SOLD


I did a painting for my father, who had spent his entire working career as a pipefitter.  I knew I wanted it to have a centerpiece of the wonderful sparks that come out of a weld.  This is what I came up with.  NOT FOR SALE 

"Autumn's Unicorn"

This is a small painting I did for a camper at my summer camp when she won a prize!  NOT FOR SALE


Done for my best friend that I did "Heart" for.  They enjoyed that painting so much they needed something for their living room.  They were a lot more flexible for this painting, saying that they only wanted warm colors and "maybe" some poppies.  SOLD

 "Morning Beach"

My best friend at the time wanted to wake up every morning and look out to the beach, despite living in central Indiana.  So I created a beach scene designed to simulate a window looking outside.  The frame is just painted on.  SOLD

"Autumn Wave" 

I painted this for a good friend that lives in Florida now.  She said that she wanted a painting that represented her life.  She suggested fall leaves for Indiana and a wave for Florida.  She wished me luck on having both in a picture.  I took it and ran with it, and even used actual shells from my old hometown of Ft. Pierce, Florida.  SOLD

"The Turtle"

I love nature, and adding wild colors to some of my favorite animals.  Sea turtles are amazing, and so I took some of the tribal work I do and added it to this guy.  $150


A fun piece that was a drip painting at first, then I added watercolor in the negative spaces created by the strong black. SOLD

"The Clown"

One of my favorite pieces I have done.  I have always loved clown fish, the ocean, painting, and color.  This piece allowed me to combine all those elements in this acrylic painting.  $200

"The Beach"

A piece I did after a trip to my birth state of Florida.  I used acrylic paint, real sea shells, and sand from the beach of Ft. Pierce, Florida.  The negative space sea gulls were fun as well.  $150

"The Lion"

My favorite animal is a lion, and I love putting colors in the mane!  SOLD

 "Family Tree"

A painting I did for a good friend of mine.  He has 4 children, and wanted a bird to represent each.  Hidden in the branches are the names of the children.  "Payton" likes basketball, "Madison" is a pink princess, "Bailey" loves zebra stripes, and "Wiley" is his only son. SOLD

"Magnolia Tree"

In the spring in Indiana it is common to see these beautiful magnolia trees in full bloom.  I was inspired to create this piece.  SOLD


This is a painting that I did of the iconic tower at the Indiana School for the Blind & Visually Impaired.  It was made for a former teacher of the school.  SOLD


A piece a friend commissioned me to do as a Mother's Day gift.  There are 6 roses with a name on each, representing a member of the family.  SOLD


I love Rubiks cubes, and I did a whole series on them.  This was a fun piece, where the background was all blacks, whites, and greys, and the cube was color.  SOLD


I took the colors from the cube and painted them in the background.  All the cubes in this series were from the same orientation.  SOLD

"Color Run"

Taking my love of cubes, and running paint and putting them together! SOLD


Fun piece that had the colors of a rubiks cube running in the background, and each color on the cube was represented by a different pattern.  SOLD


I did this as a rebellious teenager.  I wanted to mix things up and have things that are totally opposite.  Having a penguin, desert, and a tropical bird accomplished that.  This was also the first time that I played with having the subject outside the frame of the painting. Availiable for Purchase


A fun Monopoly-inspired piece I did as a prize for the summer camp I work at.  SOLD

"Steel Curtain"

A client wanted a way to display his Pittsburgh Steelers superbowl pins, so he commisioned me to do a painting of hands and the pins hanging from them.   SOLD

"Old Rugged Tree"

This is a family tree that has many names from a family hidden in the branches.  See if you can find Max, Angelo, David, Harley, James, and Brogan.  SOLD

"Sky Maroon" 

A drip painting that I did for my parents' living room, which is painted with the same color scheme.  I went through a phase where I was doing a lot of drip paintings, and really enjoyed them.  Aspects of them still show up in my work these days.  SOLD

"4 Seasons"

A piece I did for a family as a gift of a tree showing all 4 seasons at once.  SOLD


A painting with acrylics and house paint.  SOLD

The above 2 paintings were done for a family of both their children, Megan and Andrew.  The mother gave me pictures, and things the kids are interested in.  SOLD

"Tahiti Sunset"

We did a project on Tahiti for one of my jobs.  My Director used my artistic talents to make our booth colorful! Not for Sale


Just a goofy picture of a surfer.  The cool part about it is the splattered paint and then the picture is not just a rectangle, but a cool "wavy" shape. SOLD


This is another family tree piece I did.  Easily my favorite part of this painting was the wonderful texture on the bark of the tree.  It has names in the branches, and check out the close up pics in the Close Up section.  SOLD

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