Want an original piece of art that you will cherish forever and your friends will envy?  There are a few ways to do that:

 1.  Commission me to do a piece for you.

            -This is the easiest way to get something that you will enjoy.  The way it works is you come up with an idea (as detailed or broad as you like), and then in a few weeks or so you will have your piece.  A few things are needed, like the general size you want and colors, but like I said before, the actual image idea can be detailed or vague.  We will work out how much the painting will cost as we talk about the idea, how big it is, and the amount of work in it.  As a general rule I ask that you pay for supplies, and then my working rate is $50 per hour. Do not let that deter you because I usually work at a rapid pace. 

            -I have done everything from designing tattoos, painting on canvases, and murals for people.  If you have any questions at all about a potential project, don't hesitate to email me with them. 

2.  Buy a piece that is already done.

            -This would be the quickest way to get a painting or piece of art.  Most of the paintings on the site are sold or were commissions from other people.  You can always email me if you want to know if a piece is for sale or not, and even if it is, I could do something similar for you.  If it doesn't say "SOLD", or "Not for sale", chances are I would be willing to part with it.  Email me with ANY questions you have. 


Email Ryan at : OneoftheDoors@yahoo.com


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