I love to draw up tattoos for people.  It is the ultimate compliment because it is a piece of art for them, but not just something that they can throw away.  It stays with them FOREVER! I only do the design part of it, not the actual tattoo.

A bird. 

 a design that says "Bre'Ajshia"

And when flipped upside down says her son's name "Nehemiah"

 This is my back or as I call it my personal canvas.  Everything means something, as I hope all tattoos do. 

Me and my 2 brothers' tattoos.  They say Criq, which is what we call our little group. 

This was a morel design I did for an avid hunter.  He wanted "SM" hidden in the design.


This is a design that represents her son, Charles the fifth. 

 This design says "Inez" and when you flip it says "Love"

The pictures below are of my brother Todd and his life tattoo.  Everything has a meaning in it from his life. 

 This portion shows a music note, track shoe, & Aquarius symbol


This shows a medival helmet, lightning bolt (Electrician), Goat logo, track boot, Criq,  and the sun/question marks around his elbow.


a Fox (which the name Todd means) & Aquarius.

Okay here are a few that I drew for people recently.  They both have names in them. 

This is for a friend that wanted his dad's name "Darl", but then when you turn it upside down I made it say their last name "Freel" 

 Finished Product.

This one has 3 names in it: My buddy's twins' names "Tyler", "Alayna", and his wife's name "Rachel" 

Here is the final design.  We tweaked it a little more but you still get the idea.  3 names in one tattoo! 

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