Tail of the Male. 

 Faces of the Lions.

 Nice shot of the mane.

 Closeup of WIley's bird and name.

 Nice shot of the basketball details/texture.  It feels like a real ball!

Zebra stripes...nice texture.

 Swirls in Madison's bird.

Some red tribal details. 

Dead poppies and some black tribal. 

 Poppy and close up of a design.

 Red poppies, and more tribal designs.

An angle showing how thick the bark was in this painting

I loved how the tree bark/trunk "oozed" out the bottom...creating a real nice texture

The sky had the same effect flowing over the front of the painting

 Details of the bark and leaves.

Leaves detail. 

 The wave.

 Real shells from the beach of Ft. Pierce, Florida.

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