I have done designs for different organizations spanning from a summer camp I direct to teams I have played on. 

My "Ryan the Lion" shirt design.

Probably my favorite thing I have ever designed.  It was a t-shirt design to support the fight against multiple sclerosis, a disease I battle.  The orange in the mane is the color of MS support, and the heart hidden in the mane goes right over your heart when you wear it so it shows that you have "the heart of a lion" and fight MS along with the millions of people diagnosed.

The Lion design for the following year.

The latest "Ryan the Lion" design.  This was fun because it has a hidden message in the negative space.  (Hint: it is in black, and something that I wish would disappear!)

Design for the "Keever Garden Club", which is a club formed at the Indiana School for the Blind & Visually Impaired containing the classes upper elementary classes from Keever Hall.   

 Design I did for the ISBVI track team.

 Shirt design for the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  Our mascot is the Rockets.  I came up with the design, and Concept Prints helped finalize the actual product.

Shirt design for ISBVI in 2011.

Shirt Desgin for ISBVI in 2015 

 A design I came up with for a youth group.  The leader wanted 3 boxes, with someone loving God, another with group fellowship towards God, and the last sharing God.

Logo for a flag football team I was on.  We were the "Goats".      (Greatest Of All Time) 

Logo for our band, the Criq. 

 Logo for a music label.

Below are two shirt designs I did for Boy Scout Troop 16.   

Shirt design for the "Fearless Cobra Patrol" 

Shirt Design for the "Big Tooth Patrol" 

General design for LSKC,  a summer camp I run called Lawrence Summer Kids' Camp.  It is a summer camp for elementary aged children that is run out of the east side of Indianapolis at Lawrence United Methodist Church. 

Below are the shirt designs each year:

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